Music Production

How To Create The Perfect Bass In Your Music Productions

It has regularly been said that the bass is the toughest element to get right with regards to programming and recording electronic dance music. The bass is the glue that binds the opposite components of the song collectively and in some cases also can double up as a lead in it’s personal proper. Master the bass and you may have […]

How to Use a Compressor During Mixing

For this music production tip I’m going to be looking at how to use a compressor at some point of mixing. Basically a compressor is a critical tool to give enthusiastic and dynamic performance. It mechanically adjusts the level of an instrument, vocal or even the complete mix. You can obtain the equal results by using a method called advantage […]

One Way to Market Your Music Production on YouTube

Ever surprise how Music Producers make an profits from their YouTube money owed? Do you sense unnoticed the mix? Good news is there are numerous methods to herald visitors and make an profits from YouTube in case you are a track producer. You’ll be glad to recognise all you need is a amazing logo, windows movie maker (or something similar), […]