8 Best Pickups for Acoustic Cellos in 2020

As an exquisite string instrument, cello is commonly used in symphony orchestras, rock bands and as a solo instrument. It is also recommended to use a good cello pickup to improve its sound and produce magnificent sound in suitable occasions.

Cello pickups come with a range of features, making it difficult for beginners and students to select the most suitable equipment for them. In addition, given that there are a handful of cello pickups available on the market, it may be difficult to decide which product is best to use. To save you time and hassle, we have summarized a list of 10 best cello pickups for you to choose from.

KNA VC-1 Portable Piezo Pickup for Cello

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The easy-to-use VC-1 reproduces accurate cello tone while requiring zero modification to your instrument. A wood-encased piezo sensor installs in eye slot of the bridge, held in place via friction. Neatly-finished shim discs ensure the perfect fit. The 1/4″ socket jack attaches securely to tailpiece with a Velcro band. The VC-1 is entirely passive, designed to work flawlessly with your favorite amplifier or colored via a preamp of choice.

Realist Pickup for Acoustic Cello

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The Realist Cello acoustic transducer was designed by Ned Steinberger in association with David Gage. A primary design goal was to create a transducer that would work equally well for pizzicato and arco through commonly used amplifiers, without requiring a pre-amp or other active, battery powered gear. A flexible element fits under the bridge foot so that it picks up sound from both the bridge and top plate. Produces a rich and powerful response that is acoustically true for both pizzicato and arco without adjusting controls.

SUNYIN Transducer Cello Pickup

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Convenient and Quick Installation near by sound hole with self-adhesive backing that can be reused and will not hurt your beloved musical instruments,external pickups easy to contact microphone and AMP UP your instruments. Adjustable volume level will Avoid feedback squeal, The sound clear and crisp,this self-adhesive piezo transducer pickup convenience for Acoustic Classical Guitar Ukulele Violin Cello Mandolin Banjo etc.

Fishman C-100 Classic Series Cello Pickup

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Fishman is among the most trusted company, and it has always been among the most recommended names for the musicians who want to enjoy a realistic sound at an economical price. The C-100 utilizes Fishman’s Floating Mount system for easy installation in the wing slot of the bridge. A 1/4” tailpiece mounted jack and 10’ cable complete the package. When paired with an impedance-matching preamp, such as our Platinum Stage, Platinum Pro EQ or Powerjack, the full potential of the C-100 can be realized.

Imelod Contact Microphone Piezo Pickup

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This cello microphone pick up works by contacting with the sound source directly. Be able to eliminate almost all external sound interference and not be influenced by sound reflections from nearby objects. It comes with double sided tape and self adhesive Velcro for multiple mounting options. Pocket size and easy to use, just plug it into your amp, bass amp or other recording equipment.

HEIMU Clip On Instrument Condenser Microphone

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The mics feature supercardioid polar patterns for superior gain-before-feedback. They offer extremely natural sound and are fully capable of handling the cello’s dynamic range and subtle details. Known for their discreet size and elegance, these mics feature a lightweight design. The versatile gooseneck provides stable and repeatable positioning. The flexible design supports a wide variety of mounting and positioning possibilities.

“The Band” – Cello Pickup by Headway

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The Band Piezo Contact Cello Pickup offers far greater volume levels before feedback, compared to mikes. Headway’s “The Band” further cuts feedback, bowing noise, body noise and excessive treble by acoustic filter. The unique “Band” speeds sound checks and minimises cluttersome and unreliable equipment needed to set up and transport but most importantly, it offers increased headroom (volume) before feedback, enabling problem free monitoring at modest to high volumes. 

Shadow Electronics SH-955 Nanoflex Pickup with Preamp for Cello

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SH 955-NFX is a professional cello pickup which provides absolute natural sound with -Inch0-Inch hum. The pickup is based on the revolutionary Nanoflex technology. Shadow’s Nanoflex technology makes no compromise in preserving these features. It is built to reproduce the instrument vibrations authentically with every move of the bow in all positions. No need of instrument modification was a must in developing this absolutely noise and hum free violin pickup system.

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