Grand Piano Lyrics || By Nicki Minaj

“Grand Piano Lyrics” Am I just a fool? Blind and stupid for loving you. Am I just a silly girl? So young and naïve to think you were the one who came to take claim of this heart. Cold-hearted, shame you’ll remain just a frame in the dark. (And now the people). The people are talking, the people are saying. […]

8 Best Music Education Apps and Games for Kids

Teaching music to kids and learning to play an instrument can have so many benefits for your children. Encourage the kids to learn music, sing or listen to music as children’s brains also develop faster when they’re exposed to music. Let the child play music and listen to music as part of their daily routine. By making it a habit, […]

How To Download The Playlist From Youtube Online?

Youtube is the fastest growing social video platform. Users use Youtube for various type of videos right from inspirational ones to entertaining, funny ones. During their binge session, they ad their favourite videos in their playlist. It is really disheartening because Youtube doesn’t provide you with the option of downloading videos to your phone. Due to its norms and policies, […]

Drums and Percussion Musical Instruments

A range of factors assist determine the most suitable kind of drums and percussions to choose from before making a buy. Therefore, it’s far important to recognise the different sorts to be had within the marketplace and what they are in particular meant for. In addition, having some fundamental expertise at the history of any musical device offers a higher […]

Top 7 Intermediate to Professional Cello Bows

Buying the best cello bow is just as important as buying the right cello.  You may settled with a mediocre bow as a newbie, but as your skills advanced, it is ultra important to pick the right/better bow to upgrade. The right and better cello bow can make your cello sound better, by getting the right bow to match your needs, you’ll […]

New Apps for Unlimited Music

Tuning into music using iTunes or Pandora or Spotify is all that one seems to require for creating personalized music collection. However, it won’t hurt if you find other apps or tools that will help you discover music. It is all about getting the most out of what you actually desire, different genres, artists, albums and music that fills your […]